The SDG will provide grants of up to £750 towards registration fees, travel, accommodation, and course related expenses.

The amount awarded will be at the SDG committee’s discretion. This may be less than requested. Conversely, more may be granted to enable those with financial need to access training.

The committee meets approximately every three months (March, June, September, December) and discusses grant applications accordingly. If your travel grant application requires a more urgent response, please indicate the time frame in which a response is required and why. The committee will try its best to respond accordingly if able to do so.


1. The applicant must be a member of the SDG
2. The (international) conference or course must be related to skeletal dysplasias
3. The abstract has been accepted for the conference (poster or oral)
4. The SDG must be acknowledged on all presentations related to the meeting
5. The applicant must be a trainee (medical student or junior doctor) or allied health professional or consultant in the first 3 years of post
6. A maximum of two successful applications for any individual applicant (at the committee’s discretion)
7. If the grant is awarded, then a summary must be presented at a following SDG Scientific spring/autumn meeting (and within 18 months of the conference for which funding was obtained)