Achon Network

Achon Network 

In 2018 health professionals from across the UK met in London to map out our services and discuss best practise for managing achondroplasia.   The landscape with changing, for our patients- with many new trials and medications on the horizon. We wanted to keep ourselves informed, share complex cases and both participate and contribute collectively to research.  It was during that meeting that the achondroplasia meetings were birthed, and we planned our meetings for the next seven years.  Although we were delayed by the pandemic, the appetite to meet, keep informed, share practise and pursue research is still strong.  The meetings are free, open to all health care professionals -participants encompass many different disciplines and a space where we can share expertise and work collegiately with the aim to improve holistic care for the patients we care for.


Inaugural Achon Network Meeting

Date: 23rd May 2019

Location: Norfolk and Norwich/Cambridge

Organisers:  Emma Webb, Ruth Armstrong and Anish Sanghrajka

Topic:  Respiratory and sleep problems in achondroplasia


2nd Achon Network Meeting

Date: 6th June 2023

Location: Liverpool

Organiser: Chris Parks

Topic: Neurosurgical Aspects of care of patients

3rd Achon Network Meeting

Date:  Friday 17th May 2024

Location: Sheffield

Organiser: Paul Arundel

Topic: Orthopaedic Aspects in Context




4th Achon Network Meeting

Date: 16th May 2025

Location:  Glasgow

Topic: ENT/Audiology



5th Achon Network Meeting

Date: TBC 2026

Location: Bristol

Topic: Developmental delay, Atypical and Complex cases


6th Achon Network Meeting

Date: TBC 2027

Location: London

Topic: Psychology/Pain


7th Achon Network Meeting

Date: TBC 2028

Location: Manchester

Topic: Dental/ortho/S&L


Achon Meetings

Title Date Location
4th Achon Network Meeting 16/05/2025 Glasgow