The SDG funds two prizes, both aimed at encouraging interest in the area of skeletal dysplasia.

The Founders’ Prize, is worth up to £500, and is awarded annually for the best short paper presented at an SDG meeting.  It is awarded at the discretion of the committee and may be split.  To be eligible for the prize the presenter should be a Specialist Trainee, Clinical or Research Fellow.  Newly appointed Consultants are also eligible, providing they are presenting work completed prior to their appointment as a Consultant.  Membership of the SDG is not mandatory but it is expected that senior authors will be present to support their trainee.  Winners will receive the first year of SDG membership free in addition to the prize.

The Ruth Wynne-Davies Prize (named in honour of one of the founder-members), worth £100 of book tokens, is presented to the delegate(s) scoring the highest mark in the final quiz completed during the Spring Instructional Course on the Diagnosis of Skeletal Dysplasias (held in alternate years).